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Reus is probably most well known for the famous architect Gaudi. He was almost legendary in his time. That is your cue to realize that this city is the place where you can enjoy visiting and seeing a lot of good architecture.

For those who are especially interested in modernist architecture, Reus is a really good place to see some fantastic modernist architectural works. This is validated by the fact that some of the most famous modernists architects have lived and worked in this city. viarsitek

The cityImage result for Services Architect is also located close to the Costa Daurada and the ever-fascinating town of Terragona. Thus, you can actually visit these two fantastic places by making Reus the base of your travels.

One of the more famous sights in the city is the Priory Church of St. Pere. It was built in the year 1512 and has been one of the most important structures of the old city of Reus to have survived in to modern times. It was built on a site where a Romanesque church used to stand at one time. It is a good blend of Gothic nave and other typical Renaissance features.

Reus Airport is used by many low budget airlines who offer the airport as a cheap alternative for getting to Barcelona. There are buses and trains available to take you there or you may prefer a car hire Reus service. This can often work out as the greater value option with competitive rates available and current low fuel prices in Spain.

The Bell Tower is another masterful creation and one of the most prominent landmarks of the city. At sixty meters high, it stands almost seven stories high and has a very beautifully decorated spire crowning it. There are windows on the two upper floors and they afford visitors a fantastic view of the surroundings. Font and Benet Otger – two master architects of their time built it in 1520.

Reus is very much renowned for its modernist buildings so much so that there are official tours to be taken that will take you through the various trails that are littered with works of the modernist masters who once lived in the city. The tour will also take you to the Salvador Vilaseca Museum and also to the Art and History museum. You can of course visit these places on your own whenever you wish to.

If you have children, they will love the Port Aventura Park. It is one of the largest theme parks in the world and it actually rivals the Disneyland in Paris which of course is saying something. It is a park with different parts modeled after various exotic places from all over the world. Everyone in the family will enjoy spending time here regardless of their age.

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