Flowers for Anniversaries


Anniversaries are certainly happy events, and somehow the addition of flower arrangements makes the event appear brighter. The husband is usually expected to provide his wife with either a simple flower arrangement or a lavish flower setting that was carefully prepared at the florist. Some rely on the color scheme of the arrangement (this may be based on the wife’s favorite color or even their favorite flower/s), while there are others who strictly abide by the different meanings of flowers. The first, golden, and silver anniversaries are events every couple can look forward to, since those times mark their success in their marriage.Related image
Husbands can have the flowers arranged in a fancy vase, tied together with a shiny ribbon and wrapped with clear paper, or cut short to fit into an attractive pot. Many florists can arrange the flowers based on the customer’s specifications, but it is also handy to know the most common flowers used in anniversary flower arrangements and flower arrangements in general.
The most common flower used to in anniversary flower arrangements is the rose. Roses have come to symbolize love and commitment, and it is especially used in arrangements for 15th wedding anniversaries florist shrewsbury. The number of roses and whether it has bloomed or not, can speak volumes about how the male feels. This was especially true during the Victorian era, and suitors were careful about how the flowers were arranged before sending them to the woman they loved. For example, giving 24 roses to a woman meant that the man is thinking about her for 24 hours each day. One rose, regardless of its color, means that a man is truly devoted to the woman he gives it to. Finally, a hundred roses mean that a man and a woman love each other until their dying day.
Other unique flowers that can be used in flower arrangements for anniversaries include the anemone, the aster, the calla lily, the gardenia, the hydrangea, and the tulip. The anemone can denote a positive or a negative message, depending on the situation in which it is given. The anemone comes to symbolize anticipation, but it can also mean that the giver feels forsaken or is abandoning all hope. The aster provides more positive messages than the anemone. It symbolizes daintiness, elegance, and even patience.
The calla lily generally symbolizes beauty and magnificence. This flower is also being included in wedding bouquets because of its message of innocence and purity, which is connected to white calla lilies. Gardenias are associated with loveliness, purity, sweetness, joy, and secret love. Hydrangeas, like the anemone, can send either positive or negative emotions. Positively, hydrangeas are symbols for heartfelt emotions, but can also symbolize heartlessness and frigidity. Finally, tulips are the perfect flower pieces for those suitors who wish to convey a declaration of their love to the object of their affections. Husbands can send their wives tulips if they want to show their unending declarations of love even though many years have passed since they got married.
Roses aren’t the only flowers one can send to their significant other during their anniversary. There is an arsenal of flowers at one’s disposal, each with their own corresponding meanings and symbols. Some flowers may mean one thing when given alone or paired with another, so one should also be careful when planning the flower arrangement. I’m sure you wouldn’t want the receiver to get the wrong message.

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